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Understanding Fibromyalgia Numbness | The Natural Cure To Fibromyalgia

Understanding Fibromyalgia Numbness

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A person who suffers from Fibromyalgia can experience many symptoms. Common symptoms include chronic widespread pain in different parts of the body, sleep disorders, and fatigue. One of the more worrying and frustrating symptoms is fibromyalgia numbness that can strike anywhere on the body and can come and go.

This numbness is a neurological symptom that effects around a quarter of fibromyalgia sufferers and is usually accompanied by tingling and pins and needles like sensations. Common places for the numbness to strike are the arms and legs, including the hands and feet. The numbness can also spread to the face. The medical term for this is parestheia.

Numbness in your extremities can prove to be a problem. When numbness strikes your arms, hands and fingers it can be hugely frustrating and greatly inhibit how you live your life, stopping you from performing the smallest everyday tasks like buttoning up your coat and seriously interfere with your ability to work.

The reason behind numbness associated with fibromyalgia isn’t clear. One theory is that it may be caused by muscle spasms pressing on nerves and causing the numbness. A bit like sleeping on your arm can make it go ‘dead’. This may explain why the numbness comes and goes, as when the spasm stops and the nerve is released the feeling comes back.

It is important to note that numbness is a symptom of many other conditions other than fibromyalgia, so if this is a new experience you should make an appointment with your doctor. Other possible causes of numbness are carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, hypoglycemia or multiple sclerosis and it is important to rule out these conditions as causes.

Unfortunately, there is no known treatment for numbness associated with fibromyalgia so it is important to take note of possible triggers for your numbness and see if they can be removed.

Perhaps your work may be impacting on your numbness. Even typing all day can cause great stress on one who suffers Fibromyalgia. This is why if it can’t be avoided, always exercise the proper procedures when using your hands and arms. For instance, use an ergonomic keyboard and make sure that the height and length of the table on which you put your arms down to type is ideal and comfortable. Most importantly, don’t over exert yourself and overdo the typing or any other work that may exacerbate the numbness.

After discussion with your employer, you may be able to create a suitable and healthy working environment for you to be able to cope with the problems you have to deal with that come with Fibromyalgia.

People who suffer from this syndrome have been known to undergo prolonged lengths of remission after altering one’s lifestyle and learning to cope with FMS through a mix of medical and alternative treatments.

Even with all the support and allowances given to you at work, it still may be difficult to cope with Fibromyalgia numbness and getting your job done. This may mean that you have to change the nature of your work to something that is less taxing on your hands and arms.

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