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Tips on How to Win a Fibromyalgia Disability Case | The Natural Cure To Fibromyalgia

Tips on How to Win a Fibromyalgia Disability Case

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Since fibromyalgia is not in the American Social Security Impairments or Disability listing, you will need to file a case in order to get disability allowance. However, since you have the burden to prove that your fibromyalgia should be considered as an impairment you need to be fully prepared before you even start considering filing a petition for disability.

Firstly in order to be approved you will need to prove that your fibromyalgia is both severe and either has or will stop you working for 12 months in your current job or one you’ve previously held or any other type of suitable employment.

Here are some tips that can help you with your fibromyalgia disability claim:

Do some research

A soldier will not go to battle without his gun or rifle. The same is true for you. Before you even consider filing a disability case, you need to learn about fibromyalgia. You are probably already experiencing pain all over and unexplainable tiredness, but are you aware of all facets of your condition and do you know why it should be considered as a disability?

Ask your doctor to explain what you are suffering and what your options are for improving your symptoms. What treatment should you be taking or trying? You can also surf the Internet to check about the latest articles and new developments about the condition.

Join fibromyalgia associations or organizations

When you have a complex and fairly unknown syndrome like fibromyalgia, you may find a support group useful to help you cope with your condition and also assist with disability cases you might file in the future. If you’re a member of such groups, you can learn from the experience of other fibromyalgia sufferers. There is also a good chance that they will refer you to lawyers or counselors who could help you with your disability claim.

Be ready with your documentation

As mentioned earlier, you have the burden of proof, so it is very important that you have all the necessary documents to show the court that you are indeed diagnosed with the condition, that you have been suffering for more than 90 days, and that you are not capable of performing any work or job.

The first document that you will need is a medical record stating that you have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Do not rely on having your diagnosis from a general physician. You will have a better chance of winning your disability case if the person who diagnosed you is a specialist. Since the American Chamber of Rheumatology established the definition of fibromyalgia, it would be advisable to get your diagnosis from an expert in rheumatology.

Securing the diagnosis is not the only thing you need. No matter how long it took you to get your diagnosis, your medical records should also prove that fibromyalgia is stopping you from performing or doing your job well. In order to prove this you need to constantly share your experience with your doctor.

Explain to your doctor how often you feel the symptoms, how severe each symptom is and how long each episode lasts. For example, you cannot just say, “I experienced aches and soreness all over my body.” Be specific. Describe the pain, tell him or her how many times you felt this pain since your last visit, and be sure to include the duration of the symptoms. This way, you have documented your fibromyalgia disability so that you show you really are unable to perform any job because of your symptoms.

If you haven’t already done so you can grab your free copy of the free fibromyalgia newsletter and discover proven natural methods to help you combat the pain and frustration of Fibromyalgia. Plus, information on methods of overcoming fibromyalgia disability.

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  1. patricia
    September 17th, 2009 | 8:00 am

    A very good article, i just been diagnosed by my GP must say i am very upset and frustrated from someone who was very active to now lying down all the time going from fulltime to partime work hardly able to keep on top of housework in which i had to humble myself and ask friends and family to help. I feel like i have just became old over night.

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