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Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy | The Natural Cure To Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia and Pregnancy

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If you have Fibromyalgia and you want to have a baby, you might be wondering what you will have to go through. There is very little known about the effects of this condition on pregnant women, and some of the research is quite contradictory. Some studies suggest that Fibromyalgia and pregnancy are troublesome together, and that expectant mothers often see an increase in symptoms, while others say that some who are pregnant say they feel better than they ever have in years.

There have been very few studies on what happens when someone with Fibromyalgia gets pregnant. A study in Norway in the 1970s concluded that women with this condition have exaggerated symptoms and are completely miserable while pregnant. They are also more prone to getting post-partum depression. Their intensified symptoms lingered as long as three months after giving birth. The good news is that the babies, however, were healthy and normal.

Others claim that pregnancy hormones might actually reduce the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. Though there are still the common ills that plague some women such as morning sickness and aches and pains, the other symptoms seemed to improve greatly while they were pregnant. It would appear that what happens during this time will differ greatly from woman to woman, and a person with this condition will probably not know what to expect until they experience it.

If you have Fibromyalgia, and you want to get pregnant, don’t let your condition stop you. It would seem that babies born to women with this condition are carried to term, are very healthy, and come out a very good weight. However, there are some things to be considered. You should remember that if you are on medications, some are not going to be safe to continue taking while you are expecting. If you plan to nurse, you may have to stay off of your medications while you are breastfeeding.

Talk with your doctor about what you can do to prepare for pregnancy. Something like yoga might be a good idea. This is moderate exercise with stress relieving qualities. This might help you feel better while pregnant, and might also help you conceive more quickly by reducing stress. Do you best to modify your diet if you have not already done so, and if you go to a new doctor once you have found out you are pregnant, make sure you tell them that you have Fibromyalgia. You might have to be under the care of both your obstetrician and your regular doctor.

A doctor might want to watch your sleep cycles while you are pregnant, as things can get worse as your body becomes more uncomfortable with the bulk of the baby in the uterus. Because many with this condition are prone to depression, that should be watched as well. Depression can intensify due to pregnancy hormones, so an anti-depressant that is safe for pregnant women might need to be prescribed.

Though you might feel better than ever, or perhaps worse than ever, there are things you can do to make Fibromyalgia and pregnancy more compatible. At the very least, it appears that you don’t have to worry about it affecting your baby, welcome news for prospective parents.

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