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Acupuncture vs Fibromyalgia | The Natural Cure To Fibromyalgia

Acupuncture vs Fibromyalgia

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Acupuncture is another alternative treatment, like cupping therapy, which has been effectively used to provide some fibromyalgia patients relief from painful symptoms.  However, unlike cupping therapy that has been adapted from traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is traditional Chinese medicine.

What is acupuncture? Acupuncture has existed for more than three thousand years and originated in China.  It is an ancient Chinese practice that has been used throughout time for treating painful symptoms that occur from a variety of health ailments.  Its purpose is to improve the overall functioning of the body by restoring balance to the body’s natural life force known as “chi”. 

Chi flows through 14 meridians (unseen channels within the body), and each meridian is connected to various trigger points (known as acupoints) throughout the body.  Thus, everything is interconnected, which means when specific acupoints related to the health problem are stimulated, this helps to bring balance to the body as a whole.

How is it performed?  Acupuncture is a treatment that involves inserting short, solid hair-thin needles into specific acupoints on the body.   There are numerous acupoints located all over the body.  The ones that are focused on during a session are related to the health problem suffered by the patient.

Usually, before an acupuncture session begins, the acupuncture therapist with ask a fibromyalgia sufferer specific question related to the symptoms they experience, and if there are any other treatments they are currently using.  The therapist will then check the pulse and the texture and color of the tongue in order to determine which acupoints should be targeted.  A therapist may target as many as 15 acupoints in one session.

Once the acupoints are decided, the needles will then be inserted.  The insertion of the needles is not and should not be a painful experience.  Many people describe it as a slight pinch or a dull ache or tingling feeling in the affected area.  Needles are usually left in the body for 20 minutes.

After the session, some people find they are totally relaxed, their limbs feel heavy, or that they are energized.  However, bear in mind that everyone responds differently to treatment.

Are there any side effects?  Some individuals experience side effects such as fainting, fatigue, headache and nausea, but this is extremely rare and usually only occurs in those suffering from complications, and when treatment is performed by someone who is not qualified.  However, it’s a good idea to talk to you doctor about acupuncture treatment before perusing it.

How does acupuncture benefit fibromyalgia? Medical studies have found that acupuncture is quite successful at relieving fibromyalgia symptoms for up to one month after treatment.  The symptoms it effectively relieves include:

• Decreases and relieves pain
• Reduces feelings of depression
• Increases energy and reduces fatigue

It is believed that acupuncture needles help to increase blood flow in fibromyalgia sufferers, and the increase in circulation helps decrease the number of sensitive points and improve overall muscle health.  It is also believed by Western medicine that the reason acupuncture is so successful at reducing and relieving pain is because it increases the level of endorphins (natural painkillers in the body) and may block pain impulses to the brain.

How can you find an acupuncture therapist? Ask your…
• Health care provider
• Physical therapist
• Neurologist
• Hospital
• Fibromyalgia support group

You can also do an online search using the keywords “acupuncture” or “acupuncture therapy” and your city name.

Make sure you receive acupuncture therapy form a qualified and experienced acupuncture therapist.  If a therapist does not have a license find out their educational background and how long they have been practicing acupuncture.  It also doesn’t hurt to ask for referrals.  Remember, acupuncture can be painful, cause bleeding, organ puncture, and lead to side effects if not performed correctly.

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